Put Your Brand in the Box Seats
Used by progressive brands and companies for large festivals or outdoor events, the sight of thousands of BumBoxes offers massive brand exposure and is incredibly visually impactful. Brands such as Sony, Vodafone, Citibank, Mazda, Kia, Honda, YellowTail Wines and more have leveraged the visual impact of The Bum Box at their sponsored events. 
The more the BumBox moves around, the further your advertising goes.

Can viral marketing happen offline? With the Bum Box, the answer’s an emphatic ‘yes’!

An Event Seat that's a billboard too!

The Bum Box is an innovative new experiential marketing and sponsorship tool for savvy brands.

The large back-rest offers brands:

  • Great advertising real estate for logos, tag lines or QR codes.

  • Water resistant event seat that prolongs usability and visibility

  • Multiple uses by attendees beyond the original event, providing more brand exposure! As the BumBox travels around, so does your advertising!

  • Print capabilities of with any form of design, branding, logo, slogans or advertising through the use of lithographic printing, silk screen printing or Flexo post printing.