About The Bum Box

The innovative Bum Box lets event attendees sit back and enjoy your event in comfort – without blocking the view of those behind them! Traditionally, outdoor events involve sitting directly on the grass or ground. A throw rug might keep one cleaner, but it doesn’t offer any support. 




The Bum Box is a lightweight outdoor fully-branable event seat that offers comfort with its thick corrugated bottom, and a back-rest that can support up to 270 lbs! It's totally reusable and water resistant so you can bring your Bum Box event seat with you to any outdoor event this spring and summer!

The Bum Box is manufactured in Chicago, USA and Toronto, Canada.


Made from recycled cardboard, and 100% bio-degradable,
The Bum Box leaves a gentle eco-footprint, keeps your bum dry and is a great souvenir!